Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Ok, so everyone who may have been checking this site out has probably quit by now. No posts since before Thanksgiving??? Looks like a dead blog to me.

We'll see...

Life has been crazy around here since T'giving. All those fabulous recipes and plans I had, came to naught and we ended up having a rotisserie chicken purchased from WalMart at 5pm on T'giving day. No guests. Lots of love. You can see my other blog for more details of the why, etc.

Anyway ... I'm hoping to get back to some projects soon. I also hope to post more recipes. I'm working on healthier, more natural ways to cook so look for posts about that (and I have added some excellent links to the blog roll).

We've been eating a lot more veggies. I'm trying very hard to make our diet plant-based with healthy protein thrown in. I have a goal to serve at least one raw veggie with every dinner. Sometimes this is tricky (salad can get old). I have found some good options though and feel good about our efforts.

Stay tuned...