Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Numbers and Movement

Eden has struggled a bit with counting beyond eleven. She has also struggled to recognize double digit numbers. We have flash cards and have tried a variety of ways to make it interesting. Today we found one that seems to have been both fun and effective.

I made a chart of physical activities for each number 1-20. For example:
1 - Split
2 - Somersaults
3 - Push Ups


I then held the flash cards number-side down and she randomly chose one. Then we both did that exercise for that number of repitions. It was great because she had to count with each exercise (obviously 1 split or 2 somersaults didn't require great counting but a 20 second plank required counting all the way up to 20!).

We had lots of fun and her counting and number recognition seemed to improve during the activity. I think it is definitely something we can repeat and when it gets too routine, I can mix it up with new exercises.

It was also good because Eden was not blessed with the most coordinated genes (but man can she perform!). It was good for her to use her body in ways that she hasn't tried before. She complained that her abs hurt (she didn't know they are called abs but she showed me where her stomach muscles hurt).

All in all this was a great activity and we'll be doing it again.