Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rocking Reading Corner

I wasn't sure what to do with the space behind my couch. It seemed like wasted space until I brought the rocking chair downstairs during conference because Eden was sick and wanted me to hold her while I watched conference on our computer. I moved some stuff around and this reading corner was born.

 The lamp table was raw wood from IKEA. I "stained" it using watered down paint (the same as the wall paint). The top is made from the same glass tiles as the fireplace.

If you look closely on that back wall (above the bookcase) you'll see a self-portrait Phil did. It is Voice Male Phil. I'm pretty sure it is Mikey B behind him.

Here you can see how it relates to the rest of the room.
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Saved: Computer Desk Chair

Phil had a computer chair that must have been constructed in 1970. It was seriously old. The wood was scratched but it was solid wood - kind of an oak color. The fabric was UG-LY! I was going to throw it out. Somehow it ended up on the moving truck (hmmm, how did it make it but my silverware didn't?). After sitting in it a while, I decided it was fairly comfortable. I had some upholstery fabric that I'd bought like 10 years ago. I'd bought it really cheap as a remnant. My plan was to use it to make costumes for my costume box (at that time for the nieces and nephews). I did make some costumes but I still had enough to use on this chair. I spray painted the wood an espresso color so it would match my computer desk and voila! For less than $4, I have a gorgeous new chair!

The OLD fabric

The new (well, it is really old fabric too).
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The Office

Again, kinda joking with that title. This is on one end of the dining room (the family room, dining room, and kitchen make a "great room"). I fell in love with this desk that I found on Overstock. I love the simplicity of it. Of course we have a Mac (would Phil have anything else?).  I think I'd like to find a rug to go under this area. We'll see. Oh, you might recognize the statues from the red room. Yup, they got moved. :) See the next post to learn about that beautiful chair.
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The Conservatory

I'm just kidding with that title. This is really a corner of the family room (opposite the fireplace). This was Phil's grandmother's piano. She wanted him to have it. I'm excited that Eden will learn to play on her great-grandmother's piano. The pictures above the piano are L-R: engagement picture, last family photo, Beck family (bottom), Kesler brothers (top). The airplane thing was something Phil found at Ross or TJ Maxx in 'bama. He loved it. He thought it had "really cool lines." That's my Phil. :)
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, here it is, the fireplace. I don't know if I like the white trim around it but it needed to be trimmed and it makes sense for the trim to match. I really like the "his and hers" vases. The one on the right is a sculpture piece Phil bought. It is very rugged and manly. The one on the left is much more feminine. I think they make a fun statement.

I like my collection of Fall things on the mantle. I owe a thanks to my friend Laura. I was looking at her blog and she had placed something on her corner mantle to shorten the depth. I had this mirror that came with my dresser but wasn't being used. It seems to be just the thing. Corrie, the owl is an homage to you. :)
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Awesome Product: Freshness Guaranteed

I have a friend who gave me some Scentsy products. Among other things, she gave me some car fresheners. I took one of these cute disks and hung it on the handle of my toilet. It is perfect! It seems that air fresheners in bathrooms are always too overpowering or don't do the job well. This has been seriously perfect and has lasted about a month. I'm ordering more from this site.

Helpful Hint: Getting the Medicine Down

Eden has had a respiratory infection this week. She is on antibiotics but she has no idea. How have I gotten her to willingly drink down her medicine without even realizing it?

Well, let me tell you!

Eden's grandpa (my dad) likes to make and drink Crystal Light. Because it is tart and makes him pucker, he calls it "Kissing Juice." Obviously, this name makes Crystal Light even more appealing to his grandkids. Eden begs to get Kissing Juice but that stuff isn't cheap (not to mention that all those chemicals aren't exactly healthy). So, the compromise is this: Eden gets to have one cup of Kissing Juice each day. She thinks it is a real treat!

What she doesn't know is that this week her "Kissing Juice" has really been medicine + water. She thinks it is amazing that I'm suddenly allowing her (insisting, really) to have Kissing Juice morning AND night.

So far it has worked like a charm.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Helpful Hint: Dishwasher Edition

Photo Credit: penelopejonze

I didn't go with a cheap dishwasher (not the most expensive either) so I was so sad to find all my dishes coated with soap scum. Frustrated. My sister gave me a great suggestion. She said to put a cup upright in the dishwasher and pour about 1/4-1/3 C of white vinegar into it.

It works like a dream! (a good dream, that is)

Apparently when phosphates were eliminated, soap scum returned. The vinegar takes care of that.